Pallivet London vet
Pallivet London vet

We provide veterinary home visits in London
for palliative and end of life care
and peaceful in-home euthanasia

We provide veterinary home visits in London
for palliative and end of life care
and peaceful in-home euthanasia



Pallivet London's at home vet visit service

Aftercare (body care) options are individual cremation, communal cremation or burial.

Pet cremation
Most people choose to have their pet cremated. We can arrange this for you. Cremation options are either communal cremation where your pet is cremated in a group along with other pets and their ashes are not returned, or individual cremation where your pet is cremated individually, separately from other animals and his or her ashes are returned to you.
If you would like us to arrange your pet’s cremation, we will respectfully transport your pet’s body away at the end of the visit. Cats and small to medium dogs are placed in a cosy basket or blanket. Our vet can carry cats and small dogs to the vehicle unaided; however you may prefer to carry your pet yourself.

Dogs over 15kg
Larger dogs are transported in baskets or on soft or sturdy stretchers.
If your dog weighs over 15kg we will require assistance in carrying them to our vehicle. If you (or any other household or family member) are unable to assist in this, please do let us know in advance.

Return of ashes – individual cremation
Ashes are returned within 10 to 14 days. They can be returned to a vet clinic for collection or can be couriered to your home. They are presented in a container of your choice, suited to whether you intend to scatter or keep them. A scatter tube is ideal if you wish to scatter your pet’s ashes. If you prefer to retain the ashes, a selection of caskets and urns are available [view the range]

Home burial
Home burial is not suitable for much of London, where many residences don’t have a private garden or where the soil is not suitable for pet burial.

If you do wish to bury your pet, you may do so pending practicalities and compliance with general and local legalities.

Home burial guidelines include:

-You own the property, or have express permission from the owner or local authority. It is not permissible to bury on public land.
-Your vet has judged it safe for your pet to be buried at home without causing a risk to you or other animals
– You bury responsibly at a suitable deep – at least 3 feet deep (and deeper for large dogs)
-The grave is away from any water courses (e.g. at least 6 feet away from a lake, river, well or spring). This is not an issue for the vast majority of London properties.

You may bury you pet wrapped in a blanket or sheet, or within a suitable container – a cardboard box makes a simple ready option for cats and small dogs, and you can write your personalised messages on it. It is also possible to purchase a coffin for your pet.

We advise placing a paving stone above the body to protect the burial site. It is possible to purchase markers, such as plaques and memorial stones, for your pet’s grave.

Attending cremation
You may attend the cremation of your pet if you wish. Your pet’s ashes will be available for you that same day to take home. The pet crematorium we partner with is Cambridge Pet Crematorium. The crematorium has a fee for attended cremations.

We need to know if you would like to arrange this at or before the euthanasia visit. If interested, ask us for more details.

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