Pallivet London vet
Pallivet London vet

We provide veterinary home visits in London
for palliative and end of life care
and peaceful in-home euthanasia

We provide veterinary home visits in London
for palliative and end of life care
and peaceful in-home euthanasia

Preparing on the day – practical advice to help make the day run smoothly


Preparations on the visit day, prior to the appointment include:

You may feed your pet as usual, if they are still eating and tolerating food.

You may give medications as usual, however some medications may not be necessary at this stage. If medicating is difficult, please contact us so we can advise you further.

Dogs: If your dog is still mobile and comfortable walking, you may take him/her out within a few hours of the visit to relieve his/her bladder.

Cats: If your cat normally has outdoor access, please close these prior to our arrival.

Nervous pets:  If your pet is particularly nervous of vets or unfamiliar people, do let us know in advance and we can provide advice to make the experience as peaceful as possible for you and your pet.

Other tips for the day

Please note that our appointment time reflects a one-hour arrival window. If you require a prompt arrival time with minimal delays, please let us know ASAP so that we may factor that into our day’s scheduling. We routinely text you when on our way.

On arrival, we normally knock or ring the doorbell. If you prefer we phone or text you on arrival instead, let us know in advance.

Have a visitor parking permit handy, if we need one to park outside your home.

Consider noise distractions: turn off washing machines and televisions, unless you prefer to keep the TV on to reflect a normal environment for you and your pet.

If you would like us to take away your pet’s left-over medications, you may want to have them gathered/ packed prior to our arrival. (We are unable to reuse dispensed medications, but we can safely dispose via pharmaceutical disposal).

Things to consider in advance of the visit day include:

Informing family members and friends of the upcoming day.
Some may wish to say their final goodbyes to your pet, either before or on the day.

Deciding who you may want to be at the visit, and/or after the visit.
This may be a private occasion, or you may prefer a larger gathering of family and friends

Whether you would like to request a day off work for that day and/or the day after

Where and what room you would like the event to happen; e.g. in the living room, bedroom or garden? Would you prefer your pet to be on your lap, or on the couch or bed, or in their bed, or by the fireplace or simply where he/she is resting at the time?

What ambience you would like to create in the room; e.g. would you like candles to be lit? Would you like particular music to be played, or silence, or for the environment ‘to be as normal’ and leave the TV on?

Whether you wish to make payment in advance (payment is usually made in the early part of the visit at the time of signing the consent form)

Options for your pet’s body after euthanasia – individual cremation (with ashes returned) or communal cremation (ashes not returned) or home burial. We can arrange cremation services, and transport your pet’s body after the home visit.

Would you like us to arrange cremation and take your pet’s body away after the home? If your pet weighs over 15kg, we will need assistance with carrying your pet to our vehicle. Your pet will be carried in a basket or on a stretcher. If you are unable to assist, do inform us of this at the time of booking.

More detailed information can be found at Planning Ahead

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